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EMAS Canada (Education, Medical Aid and Service)

healing, teaching and serving those in need in a Christ-like manner


EMAS Canada establishes long-term partnerships with local clinics and charities across the developing world


Connect with a developing community - EMAS Canada offers nearly a dozen one or two week missions trips every year


Give to a specific project or a specific region of the world or make a donation where funds are most needed at this time


Melony Teague pm 1180
  • A New Member of the EMAS Family

Melony Teague, born in South Africa, now lives in Canada with her husband and two young children. She is a writer who believes everyone has a story to tell and each one is unique and sometimes wilder than fiction. She is delighted to join the EMAS family as communications and PR assistant and is excited about helping us “TELL OUR STORIES” in keeping with the EMAS Strategic plan

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  • Applicants wanted for China South Surgery Team

The China South Surgery Team especially needs OR nurses, ward nurses and dentist for November 2014 mission trip. The China South Surgery Team will travel to Kunming in the Yunnan province of China this coming November. In previous years, the team has operated on more than 120 patients with severe conditions during their visit: burns, […]

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  • Clarity in the Open Country of Vietnam

Midway into the July 2014 EMAS mission to Vietnam I remember getting on a bus full of exhausted volunteers for an hour ride back to where we were staying that night. I sat next to a window, looking out into the fields and roads of Vietnam. There were no skyscraper buildings, no malls, no Starbucks, nothing but land and the people tending to it.

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In 2013, EMAS Canada sent 369 volunteers on ten short-term medical mission trips.


Discover eight elements of EMAS Canada's approach to short-term medical missions