Education Medical Aid and Service in Action in Myanmar

By Melony Teague

In October 2014 the EMAS Myanmar team set out to travel to rural areas of Myanmar. The team consisted of two pediatricians, one GP, a semi-retired surgeon, two dentists, a retired nurse and four helpers. Four members were from EMAS Hong Kong and the rest were from Canada.

The team spent four days on the road in transit. They served  the Agar and Nagu minority groups in Myanmar as well as local believers at a Chinese Church in the city. They saw a total of 658 patients for dental and medical assistance and were able to bring healing and encouragement through their willingness to serve in a Christ-like manner.

Dental work was conducted outside in some cases, but patients were still grateful to receive assistance. Not only were the team able to treat those in need, but they also provided valuable preventative instruction such as proper oral hygiene.

Our Team was able to serve young and old and are committed to serving the people of Thailand and Myanmar again when they hope to add an exploratory trip to a new area.

Photo: Teaching oral hygiene to a patient of the Akar minority ethnic group of the area.

Photo: Jady Lo, a member of the EMAS Hong Kong Board of Directors, teaching oral hygiene to a patient of the Akar minority ethnic group of the area.


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