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This trip has been postponed due to the pandemic. Next mission date to be announced when international travel is safe. You can still apply to be involved.

Looking for Dental Hygienist, Nurse Educator and Family Physician.

The healthcare situation in Zimbabwe is in dire straits, the recent doctors’ strike is in part due to the frustrations of the under- resourced conditions healthcare givers are struggling with.

EMAS Canada intends to do something about the healthcare situation by building a new project team under the leadership of the Executive Director.

We have firsthand, albeit limited, experience working alongside Zimbabwean healthcare providers and understand their difficulties. We are coming alongside the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) to focus on improving maternal and child health services for Gutu district, to provide dental services, and continuing medical education to staff and trainee nurses. The team will serve at Gutu Mission Hospital.

Part of this team will study the health services and patient referral system in Gutu district for the purpose of planning a long-term project. This project will empower the church’s healthcare services putting them on a trajectory of self-reliance and a stronger gospel witness, and for improved relevance to and integration with the national health plan.

For more information about this new EMAS venture contact: peter@emascanada.org or by text messages: (905) 484 0100

Donations towards the upcoming exploratory mission can be made here by selecting Zimbabwe-Gutu.

Join with us in supporting this brand new effort as EMAS seeks to teach and heal in a Christ-like manner.

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