The healthcare situation in Zimbabwe’s public hospitals is in dire straits, the recent doctors’ strike is in part due to the frustrations of the under- resourced conditions healthcare givers are struggling with.

This is how severe the situation has become.

EMAS Canada wants to do something about this desperate healthcare situation.

We are concerned about the needs of the people of Zimbabwe, we believe God is also concerned.

Therefore, from June 29 – July 06, 2019 an EMAS exploratory team will work at the Gutu Mission Hospital in Masvingo.

We want first hand experience and to work alongside Zimbabwean healthcare providers. We aim to listen carefully to the local church leaders. We have been invited to do this by the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ).  During this first mission, we will focus on how to improve the maternal and child health services at Gutu—that is the prenatal care, maternity services and postnatal care for mothers and infants.

We hope to come back with insight for planning a long-term project that will empower the church’s healthcare services putting them on a trajectory for a strong gospel witness, improved relevance to the health needs of Zimbabwe, and self-reliance.

Working alongside the Health Service and Community Development Board of the RCZ; we plan to begin making friendships with, and build working relationships with local healthcare professionals who are interested in serving among fellow Zimbabweans. Our external efforts and input will be augmenting and enhancing existing internal national resources.

For more information about this new EMAS venture contact: Peter Agwa or by text messages to 905 484 0100

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If you would like to participate in this exploratory trip, please contact the office.

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