Looking Forward: 2019 and Beyond


I see three opportunities to live out our confidence in the promises of God.

What if God would give us:

  1. Leadership that is united by our common Vision, accountable to Him and to one another.
  2. Stewardship of His people and His task for increasing momentum to advance the gospel through healthcare teams.
  3. Improved logistical efficiency through godly wisdom

What might this look like?


Imagine our leadership becoming more collegial, all team leaders committed to, and united as custodians of the EMAS Vision.

We strive to keep everyone aligned with our common Vision without losing the uniqueness of every team. Such leadership would share actively and eagerly in the oversight of our mission, taking responsibility for recruiting to the corporation, and holding one another accountable for the success of EMAS Canada. We plan for the future, but trust God through prayer.


What if God made us more resourceful with our people and our money? What if we were led to new strategies that increased momentum for a growing number of Christ-centered healthcare teams proclaiming God’s love to all the world through healing and teaching? Imagine the day when we invite our national colleagues in beneficiary countries to share in our vision, encouraging them to take part in the mission of Jesus, bearing its cost for their own people, as they form their own local Christ-centered healthcare teams. Our Vision is becoming global. The mission going viral.

Can you see every EMAS Canada team working with in-country national healthcare professionals empowering them and establishing local Education, Medical Aid and Service teams for each country?


Imagine the blessing of God on EMAS Canada, that by His wisdom we pooled services and prudently deployed our people for service.

What if present day EMAS team “administrators” would collaborate to refine our best practices, becoming coaches who adapt those practises to teams developing in other countries.

Imagine our empathy with God in His concern for the needs of people opening gates for better sharing of people and money across our teams.

What if no one ever retired, if everyone remained active to the very end, praying, mentoring giving and going; always embracing the Vision as an opportunity for a personal and life-long partnership with Christ?

I will trust in God’s power to glorify Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit living and working within us, so that EMAS Canada can make a more significant contribution to the Great Commission.

All Scripture references are taken from the New International Version (NIV)

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A physician and surgeon in his native Kenya, Peter has a passion for Christ-centred healthcare and has a wealth of experience both hosting and sending short-term mission teams.


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