Skills and Gifts exactly what was needed for EMAS China East Team

By Dr. P. Huang

After the Pediatrics team had just completed a case conference with the hospital staff at the Woman’s and Children’s Hospital of Xiamen, Susanna Yu, a neonatal nurse from Mississauga (second from left), is seen here conferring with the NICU director (first from right). Standing beside Susanna is Cordelia He (first from left), the interpreter for the Pediatrics team. Together Susanna and Cordelia represent the faithfulness of both God and His people, by His provision of new members and the perseverance of the “old-timers”.

Susanna answered the call from God through Bob Stephens of EMAS to begin teaching nurses at the Suzhou Children’s Hospital in 1994 in Suzhou, one hour away from Shanghai. What a blessing that she participated in the celebration of the twenty-year relationship between that hospital and EMAS in 2014. Susanna’s love for her hometown Xiamen also led to the establishment of an ongoing relationship between EMAS and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Xiamen for over ten years. Susanna’s perseverance and dedication reflect her faithfulness and gratitude to the grace of God.

Cordelia left China to pursue her education and career as a database developer for medical research in Toronto. While she was seeking to deepen her relationship with God in a short-term mission, a friend led her to the EMAS website. Cordelia’s previous work as a professional interpreter and translator prior to coming to Canada had provided her with the skills and gifts that EMAS China East needed exactly. Our praises to our faithful God – Cordelia was the answer to many prayers in bringing new blood to the team to carry on His mission.


Help provide essential medical training and healthcare services in eastern China:
• $200 supports a mental health patient’s rehabilitation for one year
• $200 enables a local healthcare worker to attend a medical conference
• $300 provides essential medical support for chronically ill patient

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