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EMAS Canada Teaching Opportunities in 2018

Life University has invited EMAS into a partnership that would give nurse educators and obstetricians opportunities to teach and train nursing students. Requires a minimum availability of two full working weeks.

When EMAS Canada nurses taught at the University during May 2017, they found students eager to learn, and a friendly faculty thankful for the assistance given. An investment in the training of Christian Khmer speaking nurses who will work in Cambodia and the surrounding nations has significant long-term value for the gospel.

South Sudan
Currently hosted in Kampala Uganda, the National Institute of Health Science Jonglei is working in partnership with EMAS Canada to train Clinical Officers, Midwives and Nurses. Teams of up to 6 clinical teachers can band together to teach for periods of two weeks or more.

An estimated 1,000,000 South Sudanese refugees now live Northern Uganda, these healthcare trainees are poised to serve their own in refugee camps; some these students, fluent in Arabic have potential to work in predominantly Islamic Sudan.

The Reformed Church in Zimbabwe trains nurses at two hospitals in the Masvingo District. Both hospitals are in dire need of teaching aids. Due to outdated and dilapidated equipment, the teachers’ morale is low. EMAS visited in May 2017, and was impressed by the under utilized teaching opportunities.

EMAS Canada plans to visit the hospitals again with a view to coming alongside the national Christian healthcare workers, augmenting and enhancing their capabilities, so they can regain the position they once had as the training centers of choice.


Opportunities for Nurse Educators fluent in Mandarin.
Contact Executive Director, Peter Agwa.  


Opportunities for MD and Nursing Educators fluent in French or Creole.
Contact Executive Director, Peter Agwa



For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact the EMAS Office.


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