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Gambade Haiti

Gambade is a small village which sits in the rugged mountainous region of Grande-Rivière-du-Nord in Northern Haiti.

The nearest hospital is located 10 kilometers away in the town of Grande-Rivière-du-Nord. A larger hospital in Cap-Haitian is 37 kilometers away. While these distances seem small, the mountainous terrain around Gambade makes travel extremely difficult and hazardous. During the rainy season, roads are impassable, making it impossible to get adequate medical care.


In 2012 two members from Compass Point Bible Church, Burlington met with local community leaders and learned about their vision for a permanent clinic in Gambade. They openly shared their biggest challenge, the many deaths of pregnant women and their newborns and the absence of basic health care.

Their stories were relayed to the congregants of Compass Point Bible Church. They were moved by the challenges and determination of the Gambade villagers. The ‘Together with Haïti’ group was formed.

Several planning and relationship building trips with the Gambade community took place annually from 2012 – 2015. The community pledged to contribute with whatever they have; giving them a sense of ownership as well as partnership in generosity.

Also, two land-owners, members of the community donated two adjacent pieces of property large enough to build the planned Clinic. The community and the other partners were encouraged by this significant gesture by two of its members.


Construction started in the Spring of 2016. The Gambade community is very excited to see the beginning of construction after 3 years of discussion, preparation and planning.

The perimeter wall, entrance gate, well, outdoor latrines, showers and septic system are completed, as well as the outer shell of the building, the interior partitions and the roof. Much remains to be done in the subsequent Phases; electricity, plumbing, tiling, painting, windows and doors. This Phase will be followed by the purchase of equipment, training and staffing before the first patient can be seen at the Clinic.


Working with EMAS Canada, and the Gambade Medical Clinic Project Support Team of Compass Point Bible Church, a team of medical professionals completed an exploratory visit to the area in November 2016.

The purpose of this 2016 mission was to gain insight into healthcare priorities before long-term engagement. This was achieved through hands-on clinical services; meetings with local project leaders, and national healthcare professionals. As the project develops, our vision is that an EMAS team will engage for the long-term in capacity building, through training of national staff and improvement of services, through ongoing professional development.

Progress is being made on the building and a construction team visited the site in 2018.



Donations may be designated for either the EMAS Medical Team or the Gambade Clinic Construction project. For example, for medical staffing & equipment needs or the Audio Bible ministry/Evangelism.
• $30 per year covers the cost of 20 birthing kits
• $50 helps pay for a health agent’s monthly salary
• $100 helps with the cost of training clinical staff

For Gambade Clinic Construction needs:
• $100 helps with the cost of windows and doors
• $250 helps with the cost of electricity and plumbing
• $500 helps with the cost of medical equipment

For Audio Bible ministry/Evangelism:

• $30 helps pay for the cost of Audio Bibles in Creole

TEAM LEADERS: Rob Black (Project Support Team), Janet Siverns (Medical Team) and Amanda DeVries (Outreach/Evangelism)

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